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What does Wired Home Care Support Include?

We have developed a successful customer care system to ensure you get the best service and support. We understand that different clients have different needs and for this very reason you will have the opportunity to work with anyone on the Wired Home Care Team to meet the specific goals and objectives for your business.


As A New Client

Your account will be assigned to a project manager. Several objectives will be accomplished before your site can be placed live on the internet. Your account manager will personally guide you through the simple New Client Orientation Experience.

The following topics will be covered during your orientation:

  1. Welcome to Wired Home Care email
  2. Redirecting your hosting (if applicable)
  3. Options for marketing your site
  4. Setting up additional domain names
  5. How to add more features to your site
  6. How to add additional email addresses to your account
  7. Disk quota management
  8. Search Engine Optimization Review (if applicable)

As a Current Wired Home Care Client

You will have 24/7 access via email to the Wired Home Care Support Team which is comprised of experienced customer service representatives. This skilled team can facilitate any of the following requests you may have:

Additional training on any or all of our products or services edits, updates and/or revisions to your web site
Advanced marketing assessments and consulting
Advanced search engine optimization consulting
Web site consultation (enhancements and/or upgrades)
Email Issues
Competition Consulting
(What is your company doing compared to your competition?)

We are committed to your success with our products and services. If there is anything we can do to make your experience with Wired Home Care more pleasant, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@wiredhomecare.com

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