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Company Information
Wired Home Care is an organization dedicated to the growth and development of the home care industry. Our technical and marketing knowledge has bolstered our ability to improve the client and employee acquisition issues of our partners. Keeping in mind start up costs associated with developing a strong home care agency we have been able to build our partner’s brand recognition and client acquisition strategies in a cost effective manner.


We are your home care internet marketing partner based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We specialize in complete online marketing programs, website design and development, search engine lead generation, intuitive online modules for media, HIPAA compliancy, and employment.


We are the only home care internet marketing company offering online pricing as well an easily understandable online ordering and training process. Along with these quality online services our in-house Marketing Specialist’s will be able address your personal objectives and pair you with the best solution for your organization.


Assisting you in attracting new clients, educating your current clients, and making it easier to manage your agency are our highest priorities.


With our national full-service internet marketing programs, we are not just another website company; we are the home care industry’s choice for internet marketing!


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